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Every day we review the latest developments and try to learn as much as we can to use it on new and old projects that require it.
We have developed on lots of architectures and systems and created custom ones to out exactly what is needed at all times, be it simple sites, classic webs or applications.

On servers we usually work in PHP, but we've developed projects with other systems like Python, Node.js or even specific systems created with c ++ by ourselves.

On clients we usually create dynamic websites using our own frameworks, however, We've experience with other systems, as classic as jQuery or Prototype, or other more contemporany systems based on use of CDNs to serve statically like Angular, Aurelia, polymer or a combination of them all.

We can create classic systems or modern websites that require elements like WebGL, offline storage, WebSockets, etc.
And if that were not enough, We can create also native applications for PC or android, which can take a client-server model.

Usability and accessibility

The web allows us to meet a large mass of people. It's important to not do it only in a unique and attractive way, You also need to worry about the requirements of those who want to know us.

It's therefore necessary to create easy accessible systems that follow current accessibility standards and allow access to content easily, whether they use small devices or large screens.

For this purpose we create responsive and adaptative systems to diverse situations, be it an auto-adaptable system or serving different presentations.

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Maximum performance

We always try maximize the optimizations in our products, through a full analysis of each client's needs, and creating algorithms designed specifically for each case.

This way we can maximize the use of resident hardware, minimizing hardware costs and maintenance.

Whether in native applications or websites, we try to minimize the use of resources on client applications, smoothing and improving the program's responsiveness.This ends with websites and programs more responsive to users, improving the final experience and even reducing the energy consumption on these devices.

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